Day 45 After Hair Transplant Procedure

Well I finally have some new pictures for you. As you can see, you can't tell I had anything done (nobody I know can either). I would guess that about half of the transplanted hairs have fallen out due to shock loss. Maybe more will follow, maybe not. I do think that my head has at least hit a baseline for comparison, i.e., the hairs that would fall out due to the procedure have done so and my head is healed up from redness and dryness.

So here are my observations for the past week.
- My scalp is still a bit tender in spots similar to the feeling of a light sunburn.
- Most of the top and crown are still numb but some feeling is starting to come back in random areas. What is really interesting is that some areas can feel pressure but not temperature and vice versa.
- I believe I have noticed a couple of hairs just starting to break through the skin. I'm not sure what to say about it at this point since I don't believe it is supposed to grow back this quickly. I'll watch it and report back if something is happening.
- Some of the transplanted hairs that did not fall out are actually continuing to grow in their new location. That's a nice bonus.