Day 99 After Hair Transplant Procedure

My hair is growing! I ran my fingers through my scalp and lo and behold I can feel little stubble everywhere. It won’t show in a picture yet; maybe in about 2 weeks I’ll post one so you can see.

Day 95 After Hair Transplant Procedure

Now that my 90 days has passed I can now go outside for extended periods of time without a hat. So being that it’s Father’s Day and I can do whatever I want, we all went to the beach and I went surfing. I had no problems with the sun or any irritation whatsoever. I’m normal again.

Day 92 After Hair Transplant Procedure

I am at my 3 month mark so it’s time for hair to grow. Guess what, it’s actually growing. A few of the transplants never fell out and continued growing while I’m starting to see a few hairs over the past week just breaking the surface of my skin. A picture won’t show it so I will spare you until you can see something. The pimples on my head have subsided over the last two weeks and I am getting sporadic feeling back around my scalp. The donor area is also a bit tender in spots.
I haven’t had anyone ask me any questions lately. Feel free to do so.