Day 188 After Hair Transplant Procedure - 6 Month Checkup

I had my 6 month appointment today with Dr. Deutsch to go over my progress. He said everything is looking great and growing in very well and if I wanted to do another procedure he would consider just doing the crown area for now. He said they don't recommend doing another procedure sooner than 6 months since that is how long it takes to fully heal. I told him that when they perfect hair cloning then I may consider it as the suture was the worst part of the whole procedure and I would rather avoid it; especially since my front hairline is restored and the back is no longer skin. It looks great! He said there is 6 more months of my hair lengthening and thickening so it will just keep getting better.

If you have been following my progress, you know that the suture was painful and took long to heal whereas the follicle transplants are just like paper cuts and healed after 2 weeks. When the strip of skin is cut, all nerves were severed with it and I still have numb spots on my head. Dr. Deutsch assured me that they will regenerate.

When I got home a Bosley letter was waiting for me in the mail. The first sentence reads as follows:

"It has been approximately six months since your hair restoration procedure and most likely your newly transplanted hair will now be about 1" to 1.5" long."

I can vouch for that statement. Further down the letter it says

"Even now, at just six months, you're only beginning to see the full impact of your Bosley restoration."

That is great news as I'm satisfied with where I'm at now. I can't wait to see it in another 6 months.
I will get pictures up here as soon as I can get someone to take them for me. You won't believe how much has changed since the ay 140 After Hair Transplant Procedure">Day 140 pictures.

Day 174 After Hair Transplant Procedure

I just had a call from Bosley as my six month checkup is coming up soon and I have some exciting news to share. My hair has been growing in really well, people that know about can't even tell, and I haven't been getting sunburn within 10 minutes like I used to.
But that's not everything.....

I was just told that my hair will be growing in for up to a hair and the follicles will be thickening too. I thought everything that was going to grow was growing but I was told that only 70% of the expected growth will occur within the first 9(?) months and that the remaining 30% will come in the next 3 months.

So what does this mean? It means that all of the great growth I'm seeing is just a percentage of what I should expect over the next 6 months. I'll post some new pictures after my next haircut.