Day 7 After Hair Transplant Procedure

I slept great last night. One week has past, and it doesn't hurt to lay down anymore, it's just a bit uncomfortable. There is real slight itching in one or two spots but nothing noteworthy. The worst problem right now is the suture. I am getting sharp pains every once in a while in two distinct places - at each end of the suture at the knot. Three more days and it comes out. I am back to full functionality except for any physical activity. I was told by Bosley that they don't want you to sweat and they don't want pressure to build up in your head from exertion or bending over. If I have to bend, then it must be at the knees and not the waist. I have been trying not to sneeze just in case I blow out my hair like a porcupine shooting out it's quills. Happy

Since one week has past, I think it would be good to show a comparison of my head from the consultation, the day after the procedure, and pictures I took last night. It's a pretty dramatic difference from Day 1 to Day 6.

The Consultation

DAY 1 ( a lot of redness)

DAY 6 (just a few small scabs at the transplanted hair)

I am expecting the hair shock loss to kick in at anytime. I keep checking but it hasn't happened yet. Shock loss is where your hair falls out and the follicle goes dormant for 3 months before starting to regenerate new hair. I'll let you know when it starts.