Day 20 After Hair Transplant Procedure

I just had my first haircut and it was a bit strange. Since my head is still numb on the top, I couldn't really feel what was going on. Let's just say it had been so long, I had to get the wings on the side of my head trimmed. I look back to normal but with little stubble from the transplants that did not fall off. For the most part nobody can even tell I had anything done; and that's from people than knew about it! I'll put some new pictures up in a few days. I'm off to Catalina Island for the weekend -- can't forget the hat.

As I say on my home page, I am not affiliated with Bosley but for anybody wanting information from the source, Bosley, just click on one of the Bosley banners on the page. This is where you can request free information including a DVD with interviews of real people that had this done. This is how I started my research on Bosley and their hair transplant procedure.