Day 14 After Hair Transplant Procedure

Today is the last day that I have to pour a bucket of water over my head for a shower. YIPEE!!!

Once my official 2 week ban on touching my head with anything other than the pads of my fingers passed (2 hours ago), I grabbed a comb and gently started to comb out my hair. YUCK!!!

I'm guessing the reason I wasn't itchy these past two weeks is not only due to the Diprolene I put on my scalp but also due to the fact that the nerves in my scalp were cut so I don't feel anything. Actually, I can feel pressure but the pain nerves are mostly hit and miss on my entire scalp. I am told that after 3 months all feeling will be back.

Anyway, back to my story. I was combing out my hair and was not ready for what started to show up in the comb; flakes, scabs, and hair. I then felt my scalp all over and it felt like a thick crusty layer was covering the entire area. At least now I will be able to start scrubbing my scalp to get this stuff off. You notice I said hair was now coming out; not only my original hair but the shock loss has started. The reason I wasn't seeing it fall out yet is that all of the crusty layer was holding everything together like weeds in dirt. Once the crust started flaking off, the hair came with it as it had already released from the follicle but was trapped in the scaliness that is now my scalp.

Here are some updated pics. The small black spots at the base of each transplanted hair are little scabs that will fall off over the next few days.