Day 6 After Hair Transplant Procedure

Unlike my optimistic stance in yesterday's blog entry, I ended up taking the last Vicodin last night because I needed the sleep and didn't want to wake up due to pain. It worked.

Today I took some updated pictures.

You can see that all redness is gone and there are very small scabs at some of the transplant locations. The amazing thing is that none of it hurts and I'm not itching. The suture in back is still annoying but that comes out in a few days.

Since the redness is gone, I am now going out in public without a hat but still making sure I stay out of the sun. Nobody seems to notice now or they are being very polite.

A friend saw this site and said to me that he can't believe I did this especially since 6 months ago when he mentioned it to me I said there was no way. All I can say is that seeing the accelerating hair loss and knowing that it might all be gone in a few years will make you go places you never thought you would in a million years. I equate it to a vegetarian that gets stranded in the woods and after two weeks decides that it may be OK to eat the next thing that comes along. Maybe that's a bit drastic but you know what I mean.

Someone also said I was vain and it wasn't the sunburn issue at all. There might be something to that but I can't wait until I can walk outside on a sunny day without worrying about getting sunburned on my head. People that aren't losing their hair will just never understand.