Day 10 After Hair Transplant Procedure - Suture Removal

A few hours ago I had my sutures removed. The last few days they were really bothering me when I laid down on a pillow. It was more of an annoyance than anything along the lines of an ingrown hair. So they take out the stitches which are very thin blue threads. It's amazing how irritating something so small can be.

I was told that people that heal quickly are usually finished healing at day 10 but slower healers take 14 days which is why Bosley says to wait at least 14 days before any activities. I think I'm healed but I can wait another 4 days. I can't wait for a regular shower and to be able to comb my hair!

If you have read the previous entries, you will notice that I didn't complain about a lot of itching. I forgot to mention that the day before the procedure, I applied Diprolene, a topical steroid that eliminates dermatitis, on my entire scalp. I figured it would be a way to alleviate any itching that would occur. I think it worked. Now, I can't prove it worked, but a symptom of this procedure is a lot of itching during the healing process. I had almost none. I recommended to Jose, my suture remover, that he pass that along to the doctors as it might be a good thing to include as part of the standard regimen if they can show it to work.

One other observation is 99% of any pain I had was related to the suture itself and not the transplanted hair on the rest of my scalp. When Bosley perfects the hair cloning process that they are working on, this procedure should get a lot better as the donor hair won't be required except for a little spot for the donor hair to be cloned. This small piece of skin and hair will be taken and healed way before your actual procedure. The real pain of this procedure will be with the initial anesthesia injections and that is about it.