Day 17 After Hair Transplant Procedure

My head is looking fine. The last three days have been great in terms of being able to clean up my scalp. People that know I have had it done can't even tell now that all of the scabs and scaling has fallen off. Also, since I have been able to start cleaning my scalp, my existing and transplanted hair has been falling out like crazy. I'm noticing that these hairs appear to be clumped together within scabs that are falling off so it's probably just looks like a lot as I clean up my head. I say that because today doesn't seem to be as bad. I'm hoping the worst of it is over but time will tell. Just a note that only a fraction of the transplanted hair has fallen out so I'm not looking bare in the transplanted areas.

Since my head looks normal now, I'm going to reduce the postings of pictures to probably once a week to track the progress. Any more, I think, would be overkill.